How to Print Digital Artwork

kitchen scene with two pieces of printable art hanging on the wall

What is printable digital art?

Printable digital art files give the purchaser instant access to files that may be downloaded and printed instantly.

Instantly downloadable digital files are an affordable, quick, and easy way to decorate your home!

How do I access my files?

  1. You will receive an email shortly after payment with a download link. (NOTE: Be sure to check the email you used to sign up for an Etsy account. If you used guest checkout, check the email address you provided during checkout. If for any reason you don’t receive the email, it may have gone into your spam folder.
  2. Click the Download button within the email to save your graphic files and start printing!

Your digital files will also be available to download from your purchases page.

For more help with digital downloads visit this Etsy article.

Etsy only allows five files to be uploaded to the printable art listing. Some of our prints may contain more than five files. If there are more than five file they will be packaged in a zip folder.

How to unzip files in Windows 10

How to unzip files on a Mac

Printable digital art sizes

Each print comes in several sizes so you can choose the perfect size for your frame. All prints are high-resolution 300dpi and will print at high quality.

Select the appropriate ratio file for the image size you would like to print.

Use the 2:3 ratio the following sizes:

  • 4×6 in
  • 6×9 in
  • 8×12 in
  • 16×24 in

Use the 3:4 ratio the following sizes:

  • 6×8 in
  • 9×12 in
  • 12×16 in
  • 18×24 in

Use the 4:5 ratio the following sizes:

  • 4×5 in
  • 8×10 in
  • 16×20 in

Where can I print my files online?

Once you have downloaded the file, it is now time to print. You can do this either on your home printer, upload them to an online print shop, or take them to a local retailer.

Online retailers I have used in the past include:

Possible local retailers include:

What kind of paper should I use?

Please use good quality art paper. This can be either photo paper or matt cardstock. Most online print shops have a selection.

Printing at home tips

If you are printing at home, be sure to select the “print at actual size” or “100%” setting.

NOTE: Colors may vary slightly depending on the screen resolution, quality of printer, ink, and the paper used.

Can I upload the designs to my own shops?

All the designs in the Etsy shops are copyright to me and are not permissible for commercial use in any format.

Please do not upload to any print on demand stores such as Alibaba or Taobao. This is not permissible.

Please do not share the download link with anyone or use our artwork for profit in any way.

Can I get a refund?

I will refund any purchase if the print quality is directly related to the file quality. i.e. there is a mark on the print file or a mistake.

Otherwise, due to the nature of the digital artwork, no refunds are allowable under the Etsy policy I have agreed to.

Terms of Use

  • All files are for personal use only.
  • Files may not be used on websites as banners or graphics.
  • Files may not be shared, either on sharing websites or sold.
  • You do not have permission to create your own products either to be sold as digital or printed items.
  • You may print as many copies as you wish for personal use: Example Gift.

All prints are ©Raspberries and Kohlrabi